“Because of digital technology, multiple industry sectors are converging, and we have a lot to talk about on the creative side, technology side and the business side. Everyone wants to see more viable business models for production, distribution and exhibition. This Summit will be a conversation where we can share the wisdom, look at what works and what needs to be done differently, what tools exist and what tools still need to be developed or improved – and move forward.”

–IMERSA co-founder Dan Neafus, director of the Gates Planetarium at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Matt Wright & Janire Najera are currently over in the USA, researching and networking at a special Fulldome summit being held by the IMERSA Organisation at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

The pair will be using the Summit to explore the best capture and editing techniques available for the up and coming Submergence trilogy.

Stay tuned for their updates