As the newly appointed Creative Producer for Dance in Wales I was looking for interesting and compelling projects to host that were unique and artistically inspiring and would of course be of interest to broad audiences.  I hit the jackpot when Matt and Jani from Urban Reaction Research Lab told me of their portable projection dome and their work with 360 moving images. At first I imagined simply a round tent but once seeing the dome I realised just how special this project could potentially be. Coupled with the current lack of dance film content for this medium worldwide and the great interest received by artists we set to work immediately on creating this project.

I am delighted with the process to date and ecstatic that we managed to attract such a great team to work with, not least Academy Award winning time-laspe artist Bill Mitchell – a real coup for the project.

Our award winning team of choreographers all came up with strong artistic ideas within hours of our initially meeting, a testament to the project brief, and we have received numerous requests from industry professionals and students wishing to volunteer their services and time to the project, just so they can be involved.

Filming starts in a couple of weeks with shooting in some fantastic locations including an abandoned open-air swimming pool and a cave which I’m sure will be a massive challenge for the crew and artists. We will keep you posted as the projects unfolds, I’m sure there will be lots to talk about!