After another extremely busy week we are thrilled to call a wrap on the principle filming of ‘The Sublime’. The week threw a load of challenges at the production team and dancers, mostly in the form of Wales’ ever changing weather conditions, none-the-less we all dresses up extra warm and dealt with crazy wind chill factors and snow covered sets to hopefully capture some fairly innovative dance sequences unlike anything seen before.

© Matt Wright 2012

The picture above was taken at the end of yesterdays shoot when we headed up to the Brecon Beacons. Pictured from left are; Damien (Dance Assistant), Keefa Chan (Camera Operator), Bill Mitchell (Timelapse Master), Joe Dean (Lighting, Grip & Dome Consultant), Didge (Dancer), Janire Najera (Conception & Producer), Sandra Harnisch Lacey (Choreographer), Daniel (Dancer), Justin Duval (DP), Matt Wright (Conception & Producer).

to see some of what we got up to check out the video in yesterdays post or simply click here to see it at vimeo.