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all ready for Monday?

On Friday we installed the green screen and we painted the dance floor at the studio. Dolly is on position and final lighting needs to be finalized on Monday before the filming begins. exciting!

Joe Dean heads into the big smoke

Joe Abraham Dean has taken one for the team and spent the day driving from Wales to London to pick up three very important bits of kit.

1) An Arri-head – supplied direct, courtesy of ARRI london, thankyou…

2) A Chapman Peewee Dolly

3) A Justin Duval

cant wait to get the boys and the kit back

Cinematography Masterclass Shot on Emotimo TB3

Bill Mitchell & Joe Dean Cinematic Masterclass from matt wright on Vimeo.

Bill Mitchell & Joe Dean during their 2 hour masterclass held at the University of Wales. The Masterclass was attended by a broad group of film students from both Newport & Swansea as well as local industry professionals and Bafta Cymru members.

We are editing some highlights which we hope to post in the near future.

This video was shot using the Emotimo TB3 motion control head.

For more information about this amazing piece of kit, which caused quite a stir at the presentation, please visit Emotimo at

Emotimo TB3’s Arrive!

Here in America we are super excited about the arrival of two very important bits of our filming kit.

Earlier today, Janire & myself drove to Santa Fe to pick up a parcel containing two of Emotimo’s brand new pan & tilt robotic motion control heads.  The two heads are being provided courtesy of Brian Burling, the creator & founder of Emotimo.

We cannot wait to get the two heads out in the field for location shooting as they are going to open up a world of possibilities in terms of adding dynamic moves into the background environment plates. We also intend to try some live dance capture, both in the continuous moving mode and as slow dance timelapse capture. Tests will be posted as soon as we have them.

We must thank Emotimo for the opportunity to add two dimensional panning moves into our creative arsenal, the kit is incredibly well built and finished and it will be great to see how it combines with the phase zero dolly and MX2 dolly controller supplied by dynamic perception.

Stay posted for the results this impressive kit can produce.

for more information about Emotimo and their range of motion control hardware, please visit

posted by; Matt Wright

Emotimo back the project

I am delighted to announce that Emotimo have come on board the project as equipment sponsors.

Emotimo make beautifully crafted pan & tilt motion control heads and they have been generous enough to support the project by supplying us with two of their brand new TB3 heads.

The heads will almost immediately be put to good use out in the Welsh countryside when Bill Mitchell and the rest of the team begin principle timelapse capture in a little over a weeks time.

We really cannot thank Brian Burling enough for making this possible, and we look forward to seeing the results that these great and affordable heads can produce.

We will be shooting across various welsh locations over the following two weeks time so keep checking in to see some sneak peaks of the shots created.

for more information about Emotimo & the heads that they produce please visit;

This morning we went across to Albuquerque to spend a short time with the wonderful people at halflife* digital.

halflife* digital is a full-service production and post company at the heart of New Mexico’s film renaissance who specialize in supporting filmmakers and agencies through the process of producing exhilarating content for theatrical and broadcast distribution.

During our flying visit they were good enough to allow us to attach our Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye onto the front of their Red Epic Camera. For the first time we were able to get some idea of what our main shooting rig will be like. As you can see from the images, Joe & Janire were pretty taken with it and i fear we might get a bit attached to it after our three week shoot in Wales.


50FPS Otowi Cottonwood Tree Tracking Test from matt wright on Vimeo.

First Dolly Tracking Test from matt wright on Vimeo.

First test with the Beautifully designed Stage Zero Dolly by Dynamic Perception.

lots more to follow!

Green screen goes up

Last week we installed the green screen at Traditions,  where Lumenscapes has its base.  We hope to undertake green screen testing during the following week to play with angles and lighting for the movies. The storyboard continues…