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Don’t miss the Dome this weekend at Cardiff Bay

Submergence world premiere took place last weekend in the Waterfront Museum as part of Swansea Dance Days. The weather was terrible but that didn’t stop members of the public enjoying the array of dance activities on offer, including The Dance Dome.

We had amazing responses from the over 400 people who experienced the dome, in fact out of the 100 feedback forms we received 97% said they would recommend it to a friend. Not bad hey! Perhaps the immersive experience for the 3 who won’t recommend was just too much for them.

We have our last presentation for the time being at Wales Millennium Centre on Sat 14 July, between 12pm and 8pm & on Sunday 15 July, between 10am and 6pm. Other events are happening that weekend in the Oval Basin so its well worth coming down. Our Dome will be outside next to Ffresh and One Bar, its big so you can’t miss it.

Free entry every 20 minutes throughout the day.

It’s great for kids too, apart from the one or two who found it a bit strange they loved it and were totally transfix.

We will be touring next year to mainly open-air festivals so this is possibly your one opportunity to experience this amazing event.

Hope to see you there,

Green Screen Shooting on Dynamic Perception Dolly

Key team members shot in the greenscreen studio at the Newport Riverfront Theatre.

After an extremely exciting, technically  challenging and  innovative week of shooting both out on location and in Newport Film Studios we here at The Dance Dome HQ are delighted to announce that we have wrapped on the principle filming of The Beautiful, which is the first of our three short dance films in production which will form the Submergence Trilogy.

It has been an amazing week with a truly international cast of characters making it all possible. Within this week alone we have had 3 Americans, 5 English, 1 Spanish, 1 Finnish, 1 German, 1 Portuguese, 1 Greek and an uncountable number of Welsh making the cogs of creation turn.

Working with Tanja Raman & her Creative Collaborator John Collingswood has been a real pleasure for the crew, and thanks must go out to Laura Moy who was just the perfect dancer to work with for this piece. Tanja & John worked with Laura tirelessly to rehearse and choreograph sensibly for this piece and it showed in the filming where we had a great problem free run of capture.

Editing will begin after the production of the following two films however we cannot wait to see this content after it begins to be processed onto the amazing timelapse back plates being captured by Bill Mitchell & 360ø images by  Matt Wright.

The Picture Above shows from Left to right.

Justin – DP, John – Rigging, Sandra – Choreography, Daniel – Dancer, Carole – Dance Producer, Laura – Dancer & Chinese Pole Artist, Tanja – Choreographer, John – Media Production, Sandra – production assistant, Didge – Dancer, Joe – Lighting Designer & Grip, Keefa – Red Operator, Janire – Production & Documentation.

Nice article about Carole Blade in the Western Mail

It was great to see a lovely article about Carole Blade in today’s Western Mail. If you would like to read it simply follow this link, and congratulations Carole, you deserve the coverage.

Cinematography Masterclass Shot on Emotimo TB3

Bill Mitchell & Joe Dean Cinematic Masterclass from matt wright on Vimeo.

Bill Mitchell & Joe Dean during their 2 hour masterclass held at the University of Wales. The Masterclass was attended by a broad group of film students from both Newport & Swansea as well as local industry professionals and Bafta Cymru members.

We are editing some highlights which we hope to post in the near future.

This video was shot using the Emotimo TB3 motion control head.

For more information about this amazing piece of kit, which caused quite a stir at the presentation, please visit Emotimo at

Presentation at the University

Bill Mitchell and Joe Dean gave a presentation at University of Wales, Newport sharing numerous experiences with the students.

We recorded the talk so we will edit some short clips soon and publish them on the blog.

Matt Wright & Bill Mitchell will be appearing on Radio Cardiff later this morning to talk to Richard Huw Morgan about their work, the dance dome and the Submergence Trilogy which is steadily moving into production.

Pitch is a weekly arts and culture programme broadcast on Tuesday mornings from 10am – 11am on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM and available to those outside Cardiff as a live webcast on It is archived on Culture Colony.

Pitch is produced and presented by Richard Huw Morgan and John Rowley

It should be an interesting listen so please follow the links above if you want to catch it.

Production Team makes it into the UK, … Just!

Well today Bill Mitchell, Joe Abraham Dean, Matt Wright & Janire Najera made it safely into Heathrow after a 18 hour journey from Santa Fe in the USA.

The Journey certainly had its ups and downs, with a rather under the weather Matt suffering fairly badly and an interesting moment at Immigrations when Bill & Joe realised they had been provided with the wrong Immigration information. Luckily for the production Immigrations were very understanding and clarified everything, sorting the guys out with the correct info and most importantly letting them in.

Then the team met with Jonathan Hicks who was good enough to drive down from Bristol to collect the squad in the production van, which was incredibly useful for a now exhausted group. Jonathan Hicks is also a very talented carpenter and has been working behind the scenes creating some of our innovative green screen props.

Special thanks must also go out to Matts parents, Tim and Jo who were good enough to drive across from colchester to deliver some important editing equipment for the production. Thanks for the time (and the scones!) as these little helping hands are what ultimately make a production like this possible.

5 Days & counting…

Its hard to believe that its only 5 days until the majority of the film crew will arrive in Wales to begin production.

On Wednesday, Janire Najera, Bill Mitchell, Joe Abraham Dean & myself will be flying out from Santa Fe, across the Atlantic to London, where hopefully we will be getting collected in our production Van, the URBUS. We will be making our way directly to Cardiff where we have our production base for the next four weeks.

Its an incredibly exciting period, with the team & equipment finalized, the storyboards coming together and a lot of exciting concepts coming from the choreographers that look to make this an extremely challenging yet enjoyable shoot for all involved.

Principle timelapse & back-plate panorama capture will begin as early as Friday, with studio shooting from the 26th.

visit back for more updates as they come

posted by; Matt Wright