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Bill Mitchell, Matt Wright, Tom Hardy & Jay Dyer headed out today into the welsh countryside to begin timelapse capture for the back plates.

A big Thank you to all the guys & girls at Penpont Estate who let us recce there. Its an amazing building and grounds and we are sure to feature it within the final shoot shoot locations.

Sublime Locations

Some of the possible locations for The Sublime.

Shot on location on a top secret south wales location (Sean, the very nice landowner, is blighted by vandalism so we will not be making public the location on the blog)

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

360ø HDR Panoramic Image by Matt Wright © 2012

Red Epic testing

This morning we went across to Albuquerque to spend a short time with the wonderful people at halflife* digital.

halflife* digital is a full-service production and post company at the heart of New Mexico’s film renaissance who specialize in supporting filmmakers and agencies through the process of producing exhilarating content for theatrical and broadcast distribution.

During our flying visit they were good enough to allow us to attach our Sigma 4.5mm Circular Fisheye onto the front of their Red Epic Camera. For the first time we were able to get some idea of what our main shooting rig will be like. As you can see from the images, Joe & Janire were pretty taken with it and i fear we might get a bit attached to it after our three week shoot in Wales.


50FPS Otowi Cottonwood Tree Tracking Test from matt wright on Vimeo.

First Dolly Tracking Test from matt wright on Vimeo.

First test with the Beautifully designed Stage Zero Dolly by Dynamic Perception.

lots more to follow!

Green screen goes up

Last week we installed the green screen at Traditions,  where Lumenscapes has its base.  We hope to undertake green screen testing during the following week to play with angles and lighting for the movies. The storyboard continues…

Spending the afternoon at Bill Mitchell’s place, testing the timelapse equipment with the Sigma 4.5mm.

Have managed to connect my old Nikon FC-E9 fisheye adaptor onto Bills Sony HDR-CX700V video camera giving a real nice quality 1k Circular output, so it looks like we might have sussed out our behind the scenes documentary rig.

Also testing out the FC-E9 adaptor on Bill’s Sony NEX 5 as a possible solution to allowing him to be shooting on up to 5 bodies at once!


Bill checking quality of lens via live view and a handy 40 inch 1080p monitor


Janire passing Bill the Nikon FC-E9 fisheye adaptor


Bill trying the FC-E9 on his Sony NEX 5n body


The Nikon adaptor also fits Bills Sony Video camera so we think this might become our 1k behind the scenes full dome format Rig.


Janire, Joe & Bill researching the FC-E9


Bill & Joe testing even more combinations!


Justin Duvall joins us via Skype to talk about best camera’s, epics vs ones etc


Bill, Janire & joe brief Justin.

Star Trail Sigma 4.5mm Timelapse Test from matt wright on Vimeo.

El Rancho Timelapse Test of Sigma 4.5mm from matt wright on Vimeo.

Just a short timelapse test sequence shot on the Sigma 4.5mm Lens that we are utilizing for the Submergence trilogy.

Location: El Rancho, New Mexico.
Camera: Nikon D300s
Lens: Sigma 4.5mm F2.8 DX Circular Fisheye
Date: Saturday 25th February, 2012
ISO: 200
Interval: 5 seconds
Aperture: F8
Weather: Cold Chill, Clear Skies
Photographer: Matt Wright