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Key team members shot in the greenscreen studio at the Newport Riverfront Theatre.

After an extremely exciting, technically  challenging and  innovative week of shooting both out on location and in Newport Film Studios we here at The Dance Dome HQ are delighted to announce that we have wrapped on the principle filming of The Beautiful, which is the first of our three short dance films in production which will form the Submergence Trilogy.

It has been an amazing week with a truly international cast of characters making it all possible. Within this week alone we have had 3 Americans, 5 English, 1 Spanish, 1 Finnish, 1 German, 1 Portuguese, 1 Greek and an uncountable number of Welsh making the cogs of creation turn.

Working with Tanja Raman & her Creative Collaborator John Collingswood has been a real pleasure for the crew, and thanks must go out to Laura Moy who was just the perfect dancer to work with for this piece. Tanja & John worked with Laura tirelessly to rehearse and choreograph sensibly for this piece and it showed in the filming where we had a great problem free run of capture.

Editing will begin after the production of the following two films however we cannot wait to see this content after it begins to be processed onto the amazing timelapse back plates being captured by Bill Mitchell & 360ø images by  Matt Wright.

The Picture Above shows from Left to right.

Justin – DP, John – Rigging, Sandra – Choreography, Daniel – Dancer, Carole – Dance Producer, Laura – Dancer & Chinese Pole Artist, Tanja – Choreographer, John – Media Production, Sandra – production assistant, Didge – Dancer, Joe – Lighting Designer & Grip, Keefa – Red Operator, Janire – Production & Documentation.

shooting the beautiful

short clip of first couple of days in the studio.

in a hot studio

a few shots from the first couple of days in the greenscreen studio

Forest Timelapse Capture

Today the team went  to a local forest to work out locations for filming some fragments of The Sinister. Bill Mitchell, Matt Wright, Janire Najera  & Tom Hardy shot some timelapse and Joe &  Justin got to play with one of the emotimo’s.

Bill Also potentially managed to capture some backplates for The Beautiful.