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Spending the afternoon at Bill Mitchell’s place, testing the timelapse equipment with the Sigma 4.5mm.

Have managed to connect my old Nikon FC-E9 fisheye adaptor onto Bills Sony HDR-CX700V video camera giving a real nice quality 1k Circular output, so it looks like we might have sussed out our behind the scenes documentary rig.

Also testing out the FC-E9 adaptor on Bill’s Sony NEX 5 as a possible solution to allowing him to be shooting on up to 5 bodies at once!


Bill checking quality of lens via live view and a handy 40 inch 1080p monitor


Janire passing Bill the Nikon FC-E9 fisheye adaptor


Bill trying the FC-E9 on his Sony NEX 5n body


The Nikon adaptor also fits Bills Sony Video camera so we think this might become our 1k behind the scenes full dome format Rig.


Janire, Joe & Bill researching the FC-E9


Bill & Joe testing even more combinations!


Justin Duvall joins us via Skype to talk about best camera’s, epics vs ones etc


Bill, Janire & joe brief Justin.

Busy day Storyboarding in El Rancho, NM.

Had a really productive day out at our current research base in El Rancho, New Mexico.

Joe Abraham Dean was able to join us from Santa Fe and we spent a glorious sunny New Mexican afternoon stuck inside the house sketching up storyboard ideas and working on the Timing for ‘the beautiful’, the first of the three films from the Submergence trilogy.

The beautiful, which is choreographed by Tanja Raman is going to be a great film to work on as it is based around a single dancer undergoing a beautiful physical & spiritual journey. We cannot give away too much at the moment as we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but this will definately be a dance film unlike anything you have witnessed before.

Stay tuned

Matt Wright, Janire Najera & Joe Abraham Dean lens testing in El Rancho

Janire & Joe work on the beautiful's timing structure